Author, Facilitator,

Poet, Musician, Performer, Comedian,

Mental Health Advocate and Eco Feminist

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Hi, I'm Flow.

I'm a creative channel and liberation guide. I sing, dance, write, hold sacred space, perpetually make things and invite courageous embodiment wherever I go. 


I most like to express my creativity through facilitating group experiences and performances that are usually interactive. I also write all the time and have a published book and multiple other complete manuscripts in the pipeline.

I sometimes struggle with mental health and have found that creating art, liberating sensuality and experiencing meaningful connection are the greatest medicines.


I have been through the darkness and back to the light many times, and each time I get stronger, clearer and more committed to living a generative, giving, creative and inspiring life.

These full spectrum experiences and spiritual callings have shaped my purpose and work in the world. I am now a leader in the fields of embodiment, sensual and creative liberation and authentic relating. 

I infuse sacred, sensual and silly with proven and innovative techniques to create spaces of safety and permission for deep connection and full expression. You're invited.


I invoke and dream awake a world

where everyone feels

seen, safe and supported 

to experience full expression,

true belonging and real purpose

in their communities and on this planet.

UPCOMING {postponed}