Turn Your Wisdom and Experiences into a Powerful Memoir

It's time for you to write a book that changes lives.


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Hey there, I'm Flow.

So... you're feeling the call to write your book. Congratulations on being ready to take that big step and give yourself the gift of healing that comes from writing a Memoir.


And... thank you! On behalf of all the lives you will touch, thank you for being courageous and willing to share your real story of hardship and wisdom with the world.


But, you should know: memoir writing is not just a mental thing. Emotions will come up. Creative blocks will surface. Doubts and fears will try to stop you. Yet none of that means you are not supposed to write your story, or that you can't.


That's why my mentorship groups and courses are holistic and integrative experiences.

Yes, you need the practical and intellectual tools to write a great book. But, fears, doubts, worries and creative blocks also come up along the way.

If you don't have emotional support along with writing skills, you can get blocked, stopped, and possibly never finish your book..

I firmly believe the world needs more true stories from women published and out there. The feminine has been suppressed for too long. Our voices need to be heard. Our stories matter. Our wisdom heals and leads the way to a healthier world.

That's why I am committed to supporting you to move through anything in the way of writing your book.

My holistic, integrative methods of memoir writing help you navigate through the inner critic, self-doubt and paralyzing fears that come up along the way so you can truly finish your book.


We also incorporate embodied exercises and emotional processing experiences to move through writers blocks and harder feelings that almost always arise in the process.

Plus, we focus on the practical skills of structure, writing craft, scheduling, accountability, marketing and publishing so your memoir is not only finished, but also a great book and ready to put out there!

With these aspects combined you are supported on every level to start, write and finish your powerful true story.

Whether you choose in-depth mentorship, a group mastermind or an at-your-pace course, your experience working with me will be transformational and effective.

It's time for your story to be heard. Heal your past, move through your fears, hone your skills, stay on track, bust through your excuses and emerge more empowered with a Holistic Memoir Writing experience.

"Flow has this way of making you feel completely safe and able to let the vulnerable parts of yourself come out to play. She also does an amazing job bringing both playfulness and sacredness to every class." - Jackie

All programs are currently full.

The Holistic Memoir Jumpstart Course will be announced on January 24, 2022.

The Memoir Mastermind for Courageous Women will open enrollment for the next cohort in September 2022.

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I not only teach memoir, I write them!


Memoir writing is a healing, revealing, empowering experience for me and I absolutely love it. I have one book out currently and am working with a publisher on the next!


My new book will be out in April 2022. Click the link below to learn about my books, and subscribe to my list to be in the loop for my new release this year!