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Hey, I'm Flow.

I'm here to help you write and share your story.

I'm here to help you move through creative blocks.

I'm here to share my stories to inspire you.

Writing my memoirs have helped heal me from the inside out. Writing and publishing has given my life more meaning, fulfilled a sense of purpose and touched other people's lives in deep and positive ways.

You can do the same. Your story is important. Not only for you, but for the lives it will touch and possibly even save.

It can feel scary to be seen in your vulnerable true story. It can feel overwhelming to write about the past. It can seem daunting or even impossible to organize your memories into a clear book.

But you can do it, and if you have a deep calling inside to write and publish your story, you must. It is your duty to follow through and give the gift of healing that will come from it.


I offer one-on-one coaching to help you complete your memoir in a transformative way. I also hold group programs that support you to heal with writing, move through writers block and strengthen your creative capacity.

I have one book out called Postpartum. I am working on another book currently that will come out in Spring 2021, and I have another complete memoir manuscript that I am finding representation for. 

I'm a wise witch, a mother, a queer poly wife, a dancer, a grower of plants and a nature lover. I'm here to live my life to the fullest, heal whatever is in the way of that and help you do the same.