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It's time to write and finish your book 

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aligns with your feminine nature

and expands the reach of your message.

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Hey there, I'm Flow.

We live in a time of great change, a time when feminine truth and power is needed more than ever. We need more womxn to come forward with their authentic stories, to bring their voices to those in need of hope and to add their leadership to a world dangerously dominated by outdated types of power. 


By turning the true story of your healing journey into a book, you will not only achieve your long held dream of being an author, you will also add your presence to the world in a bigger way— a way that reaches those who need your message for their own healing and allows you to more powerfully co-create a sustainable future by amplifying your voice and impact.


As a Memoir Writing Coach for womxn, I lead groups to dive deep into the juice of their stories, master the craft of writing, stay accountable to their goals and finish their books so that the world can reap the benefits of their true story medicine.


I also write my own memoirs that are deep and revealing, empowering myself to stand in the truth of my transformation and share the medicinal art of storytelling.

"I feel what sets her apart from other facilitators is her strength in presence and her ability to fully listen, absorb, and support without judgement. She has a skillful way of caring, nurturing, and empowering each individual while allowing each of us to journey into our highest potential. I am so grateful for the many experiences I have had with Flow and I would HIGHLY recommend working with her in the future. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.” - Kat

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"Flow has this way of making you feel completely safe and able to let the vulnerable parts of yourself come out to play. She also does an amazing job bringing both playfulness and sacredness to every class. I really can't say enough wonderful things about how powerful, loving, and effective Flow is as a group facilitator.” - Jackie

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