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Hey There, I'm Flow!

I'm a Mama on a mission to help create a world of more fulfillment, support and mental health

in motherhood and beyond.

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trainings, resources or invite me to speak to your audience or event.

I believe that happy, well cared-for mothers make

healthier families and a better functioning society.

Through my hardships and struggles with mental health and dissatisfaction in motherhood, I learned some powerful tools and keys to achieving true happiness and balance as a mom. Now that I have found the way to sustain this healthy mindset and experience true enjoyment in my life, I am here to help others. 


You can read about my mental health challenges in early motherhood and how I found my way to recovery in my memoir,

Postpartum: A Story of Unraveling and Becoming.


Integrate the steps I took and tools I used to experience true health, balance and satisfaction in motherhood into your own life and your professional work with other mothers in the

Mom Centered Wellbeing Learning Lab and Professional Training.

I am here to help all mothers have better lives and to co-create a society that supports real mental health in motherhood and beyond.

Please use the resources, gifts and books I have to give.


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Together we can create a better future and a healthier world.

Cheers to that!

Flow Belinsky