Turn Your Wisdom and Experiences into a Powerful Memoir

It's time for you to write a book that changes lives.


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Hey there, I'm Flow.

We live in a time of great change, a time when feminine truth and power is needed more than ever. We need more women to come forward with their authentic stories, to bring their voices to those in need of hope and to add their leadership to a world dangerously dominated by outdated types of power. 

As a Memoir Writing Coach, I lead Wise Women to get clear on their story structure and message, master the craft of memoir writing, stay accountable to their goals and finish their books so that the world can experience benefits of their true story medicine.


I also write my own memoirs that are deep, revealing and help other women on their paths of service and liberation.

"Flow has this way of making you feel completely safe and able to let the vulnerable parts of yourself come out to play. She also does an amazing job bringing both playfulness and sacredness to every class." - Jackie