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Hey there, I'm Flow.

Are you feeling the call to write your memoir? If so, congratulations! Writing a memoir such a rewarding and healing path.


And... thank you! On behalf of all the lives you will touch with your book, thank you for being courageous and willing to share your real story with the world.

I firmly believe the world needs more true stories written by women. The feminine has been suppressed for too long. Our voices need to be heard. Our stories matter. Our wisdom heals and leads the way to a healthier world.

That's why I am committed to supporting you to move through anything in the way of writing your book.

Your experience working with me will be transformational and effective. My groups are holistic yet practical, allowing for holistic healing to happen, as well as giving you the step-by-step support you need to structure and write your beautiful book!

That way, you can be on track to finish your book in a year, AND you will have a transformational experience in the process!

It's time for your story to be heard. Heal your past, move through your fears, hone your skills, stay on track, bust through your excuses and emerge more empowered with the Memoir Jumpstart experience.

"Flow has really gotten me flowing (lol) with my writing. I often find that I just keep going and going. Her coaching is very creative, intuitive, and helps in a very real and deep way." - Lelah Fisher, Mother and Lawyer

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I not only teach memoir, I write them!


Memoir writing is a healing, revealing, empowering experience for me and I absolutely love it. I have one book out currently and am working with a publisher on the next! My first book, Postpartum, was shortlisted for the North Street Book Prize in 2019! 


My new book will be out in July 2022. Click the link below to learn about my books, and subscribe to my list to be in the loop for my new release this year!