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Hey, I'm Flow.

I'm a multi-modal artist and group healing facilitator. I make art out of my human experience and access the depths of my spirituality through creativity. For me, writing, creating songs, dancing and performance art are incredibly healing and a form of prayer.

I also guide groups in healing and creative experiences to unlock our potential, heal our shared traumas and access our true humanity.

Through sharing my work and guiding groups I give permission for others to feel deeply, heal truly and know they are not alone in their struggles and complexity. I also spread ideas of earth based spirituality and feminist philosophy with the intention of creating a more regenerative, just and sustainable world.

I am deeply connected to the earth and stars and find my most powerful inspiration in nature. I live in Bend, Oregon with my husband and daughter, and absolutely love to dance with my community, sing, make songs, hike and write.

I have been leading transformational group experiences for over 10 years and making art for much longer.

I have one book out, Postpartum, available on Amazon. I also have a music EP out which I produced long ago and an EP in collaboration with my husband on the way in 2021. You can find all that on my Past Work page.

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