I am all about waking up together into the moment, our bodies, creative possibility, authenticity and true connection. I believe this is what creates real health and vitality in individuals and in culture.


I have been facilitating transformational group experiences for over ten years and have led over 250 circles and events professionally. I am also a performance artist and mentor for creative women. 

I can honestly say that making art out of my pain and being vulnerable with others about my true experience of life has literally saved my life multiple times. I have written books and created musical albums in the depths of my despair that have helped me process, heal, integrate, make beauty out of my hardships and find the joy of life again.


Last year, four beautiful, young, brilliant, artistic women I know took their own lives. This impacted me very deeply because I too have been to those depths and know that kind pain. My grieving process has been a call to action, to not only create a life for myself that supports sustained mental health and personal fulfillment, but also to really use my gifts to create a solution to this problem.


Through my work and art I aim to co-create a world where everyone feels connected, accepted and appreciated, and where suicide levels drop for highly creative and sensitive people, especially women.

I hold deep space for others through mentorship, workshops and performances. I infuse the serious work of healing and empowerment with playfulness, enjoyment, and often music and movement.

I live as a permissionary-- actively creating spaces and being an example of vulnerable honesty, creativity and expression. I am an advocate for authenticity and full self-embrace.

I have guided hundreds of people through group and individual experiences and continuously grow my offerings and myself to be the most authentic expression of my truth.


I am trained as a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Movement Facilitator, Health Coach, Tantric Practitioner and Shamanic Ritualist. I fuse all my modalities together in my healing sessions and weave them into the performance art and workshops I offer to create comprehensive and impactful experiences for all involved.

I am also an author, musician, mama and a wife in Bend, Oregon.