"Writing my story saved my life...

Publishing it changed the lives of others."

About Me

Growing up, I always wanted to be a writer. Somewhere along the way I lost faith in that dream. Life led me on a path of deep struggle. Mental illness, addiction, rape, heart-break, homelessness and confusion paved the way of my early 20’s. Through my hardships, I turned to holistic and spiritual healing arts to find health and happiness. As I began to turn my life around, I also started training in several healing modalities, desiring to pass on the growth I’d gained to others. 


For several years I worked in the healing arts, helping others release their pain and step into their power. Eventually my path led me to coaching, and I found great enjoyment in my work. Yet, something was missing.



Eventually, my past caught up with me again and I found myself in another personal healing crisis. At a loss of what to do, I began writing. As I wrote my story, I healed the depths of my trauma and found a whole new level of empowerment. Through the process of writing my first book, I found mental health again. I found self-love. And, I found the man that is now my husband and the father of my child.


When I became a mother, things got weird again. I no longer felt connected to my artistry and empowerment. Once again, in the depths of despair, in a pit of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, I picked up the pen. Through writing the deep dark truth of my experience, I found my way to the other side. I found sobriety, the end of my panic attacks, the uplifting of depression and a love for my life again. I published that book in early 2019, called Postpartum: A Story of Unraveling and Becoming. I wrote it for me, but I published it for others. 


The feedback I got from my first published book amazed me. Women were contacting me every day, telling me how much it impacted them and even changed their lives. They felt heard, seen, understood, and not alone for the first time in their struggles. They felt inspired by my transformation and empowered in their own healing processes. My book, the true story of my struggles and triumphs as a new mom, truly helped other people.



Now, I am working on my third manuscript, called “The Me in Motherhood.”  And, I have learned to combine my skills as a coach, my passion for the healing arts and my calling for authentic storytelling into incredible workshops and programs that empower other women to write, finish and publish their books in a feminine, embodied way.


The world needs more truth and more female empowerment. Your story of struggle and transformation is healing medicine for other people, as well as for the mythos of the world in general. Womxn are needed in their authentic power to help bring balance to this planet. Your true story and the empowerment you will get from releasing it as a published book will help heal yourself, others and the world.


That’s what I’ve found from doing it myself. And that’s what I hope for you.

"Every time I have had the pleasure of working with Flow it has been a truly transformational experience. Her wide range of knowledge and guidance has given me an abundance of insight in my personal and professional life. Her ability to weave the ethereal and the physical, the mystical and practical, are unlike anything I have ever seen before." - Aubrey S.