"Writing my story saved my life...

Publishing it changed the lives of others."

About Me

Writing has always been a friend, a healer and a teacher for me. When I published my first book, I knew my story needed to be told. But honestly, it was mostly for me. I needed to create that work of art and put it out there, no matter what it took. It was a calling, a spiritual drive.


Once it was out, I was astonished to see the impact of my words on others. As my book spread, so did it's impact.


Some women shared that it changed their lives. It made them feel not so alone in their struggles, gave them a blueprint to follow for healing and most importantly, gave them hope.



Women's stories are so important. When we share the truth of our hardships and the wisdom we have gained, the world shifts. It becomes a more understanding, rich and balanced place. And it truly helps people.


The voice of the feminine has been suppressed too long. Our world in crisis needs YOU to liberate your truth and share it widely. I believe writing and publishing a memoir is one of the most powerful and impactful ways to do that.


I worked as a healer, coach and group facilitator for most of the past decade. Now I combine my holistic and writing skills to lead programs that empower other women to write, finish and publish their books in a feminine, embodied way.


I am also working with a publisher for my second book! It will be out in Spring 2022. Sign up below to stay in the loop on that!

I live in Bend, Oregon with my husband and daughter. In my free time I dance and hike in nature, learn about regenerative agriculture, work on my garden, cook up kitchen magic and organize community around the concepts of re-villaging and earth-based ritual.


Reach out to me if you want support

to write your book in a holistic and transformative way.

It would be my honor to help you bring your true story to the world.

"I feel what sets her apart from other facilitators is her strength in presence and her ability to fully listen, absorb, and support without judgement. She has a skillful way of caring, nurturing, and empowering each individual to our highest potential.

I would HIGHLY recommend working with her.” - Kat