I am all about creative possibility, authenticity and true connection. I believe this is what creates real health and vitality in individuals and in culture.


I have been facilitating transformational group experiences for over ten years and have led over 250 circles and events professionally. I am an artist of many mediums, including music, performance, comedy, dance and writing. I call myself a poet, but I have many avenues of expression that, to me, are all poetry.


Last year, four beautiful, young, brilliant, artistic women I know took their own lives. This impacted me very deeply because I too have been to those depths and know that kind pain. My grieving process has been a call to action, to not only create a life for myself that supports sustained mental health and personal fulfillment, but also to really use my gifts as a mental health advocate.


Through my art I aim to co-create a world where everyone feels connected and accepted, and where suicide levels drop for highly creative and sensitive people, especially women.

I live as a permissionary-- actively being an example of vulnerable honesty, creativity, and devotion. I am an stand for radical authenticity and full self-embrace.

I am trained as a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Movement Facilitator, Health Coach, Tantric Practitioner and Shamanic Ritualist. I am also an author, musician, mama and a wife in Bend, Oregon.

Check out my debut book, Postpartum, and connect on Instagram for more.

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