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As an author and maternal mental health activist, I am on a mission to help moms have better lives. I share information and tools that women need to have more fulfilling, mentally healthy experiences of motherhood. I also inspire mental health professionals and birth-workers create more supportive social and health-care systems for mothers and families.


In the last 10 years, I’ve taught over 300 workshops and classes, spoken on stages and in podcasts, written blogs and books and helped thousands of people, both individually as a healer and coach and in groups as a facilitator, to feel more creatively expressed and aligned in their mental health and community connections. Along with my practical experience, I have a BA in Sociology from UCSB, and am a certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Tantric Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach.

Over the past two years since becoming a mother, I healed myself from severe Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and Addiction naturally. Along the way, and from connecting with other mothers and mental health professionals, I have identified some keys to true and long lasting maternal mental health. I now live a healthy, happy, balanced life, thanks to what I have learned and integrated.

I currently live in San Diego, CA with my husband and daughter, Eva. You can often find me meditating, dancing, singing, exploring in nature and making incredible healthy food in the kitchen.

My purpose now is to share the principles of how I was able to heal myself, transform and maintain health and happiness in my life, so others can do the same. I believe that with this knowledge, we can create a healthier and happier society together which begins with healthier, happier and more supported moms. 

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