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Female Author: 

A 10 Month Journey to Write a Memoir that Changes Lives

Heal your Past, Uplift the Lives of Others and Bring Much Needed Feminine Truth and Leadership to this World.

Join this 10 month online group mentorship journey and get the support you need to write and finish your inspirational book.

You are someone who feels a deep calling to write a book about your true life story in order to inspire and uplift others, yet you:

- Don’t know how to lay it all out and organize your story


- Have concerns about your skills as a writer


- Find yourself sometimes doubting if your story really matters


- Feel blocked when you sit down to write


- Need accountability to actually do it and complete your project


- Are worried what people will think if you are honest about your journey


- Wish you had more editing support and reflection


- Want to find a rhythm of productivity that honors your feminine nature


- Don’t know what is necessary to share to get your story across


- Feel overwhelmed by the publishing process



And even with all that going on, you desire to:


- Make an impact in other people’s lives by sharing your transformational story


- Fulfill your dream and calling of writing your book


- Establish more credibility and authority in your field by becoming an author


- Heal your doubts and fears about being truly seen in your shadows and light


- Reach more people with your message by publishing a book


- Become more confident in your skills as a writer


- Learn how to move through creative blocks and complete your project


- Achieve your goals more quickly without burning out




At the end of this group mentorship journey, you will be:


- Accomplished in your long-time goal of becoming an author


- Ready to share your story with the world with confidence

- Clear on how to publish and start marketing your book

- Complete with your manuscript and ready for an editor

- Deeply supported by personal mentorship and a group of peers


- Able to move through writer’s block when it arises


- Clear on how to write a narrative that will impact your reader 


- More confident in your skills as a writer

- Transformed inside through the process of writing


- Skilled in meeting your goals in a way that honors your feminine flow


- Healed from doubts and fears about publishing your work

"She doesn't just tell you a whole bunch of information and tell you to go do it like a lot coaches do, she actually sits with you to co-create the finish product together. To me that was a breath of fresh air and so needed. Because she has and trusts her intuitive abilities, she can tap into your energy and say that one thing at that moment that will make all the difference.  She actually cares and wants you to go make that difference and impact that you are called to make in the world." - Itatiaia

In this 10 month course you will receive:



- (2) 90 minute online group sessions each month for skills building and personalized coaching 

- (2) 2 hour 1-on-1 Deep Dive Clarity Sessions

- A private online forum for continuous feedback and editing support


- An accountability buddy for monthly check-ins


- Recorded Meditations to ritualize and accelerate your writing process


- Recorded Embodiment Practices to help you move through writer’s block and gain clarity


- Writing Prompts to keep you going towards your goals


- Book Study Homework to hone your writing skills


- 2 Guest Expert Sessions on Publishing and Book Marketing

"I feel more tuned in to creatively express myself, more intuitive and on fire. I feel once I made a commitment the Universe, I strapped my seat belt on. I feel more open, more free, more healed.


I am raw and roaring, and yet meowing with my pack at the same time. I know I have a community of support behind me, so essential to mental well-being and acts of bravery. I will take parts of all the ladies smiles, laughter and tears with me." - Jasmine

Ready to get the support you need to turn the stories of your healing journey into an inspirational book that changes lives?
The Journey begins May 16, 2021.

Book an Exploration Call and fill out the questions on the confirmation page to apply!