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A 90 Minute In-Depth Interactive Training to Take You from
Confused to Confident in your Memoir Writing Process

Hey You!

If you're here, you have a book idea.

You want to write it in the next year, but…


-> You don’t know how to start it.

-> You don’t know how to organize it.


-> You don’t know what parts of your life story to tell.

You feel the calling to share and publish your story but…


-> You worry that you won’t actually finish.

-> You’re afraid of hurting people’s feelings,

or of their judgement.

You are not alone in that honey.

Everyone I work with feels these things at first.


But they don’t have to stop you.


You can overcome these challenges and write your book.

This training will help you do it.

It's time to write your book, babe.


There are people out there who need your story medicine.

Plus it's healing for the FEMININE. Our stories have been suppressed for millennia. Publishing your book has a ripple effect through the collective.


And YOU need to write this book for YOU. 


It’s been an idea for too long. 


Time to make it a reality.

And to do it, despite all the challenges that come up along the way, you'll need support.

That’s why in this One Day Deep Dive Training you will:

— Understand how to get started writing your book

— Get clear on your book structure and direction

— Move through fears and doubts that hold you back from going for it

— Learn how to keep working towards your author goal, even when you feel stuck


That way you can truly start, write and finish your powerful memoir in a year.

This training will be both informative and interactive— giving you skills to create a strong foundation for your memoir… as well as a deeper understanding of the book writing path.


You’ll leave feeling confident in your book’s foundation and ready to truly write it!


It takes both strategy and healing, skills and accountability to write your book.


It’s time to stop making excuses and putting it off because you are unclear, confused, afraid or unmotivated.


It’s time for you to stop thinking about it and start writing your transformational story and amazing book.


You deserve to achieve your goal and follow your dream of becoming an author. 


Your story is worthy of sharing. 

This is your year babe.


Let’s get you every thing you need to start, write and finish your Memoir in 2022!


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It's goin down December 11, 2021 at 11am PST

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$33 USD for this
Deep Dive Interactive Training

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