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Hey Wise Woman,


If you're here, you are getting the call to write a book.


Your intuition is telling you to do it...


But you're not sure how to get started.


How to put it all together?

How to find the time?


Does it make sense?


Does it matter?


So you don't work on it... even though your soul is asking you to.


The truth is... writing and publishing a book is so worthwhile AND doable.


It's incredibly healing for the writer, but honestly, it's about more than just you. 


There are other women who need to hear your story for their own healing, and the world deeply needs feminine wisdom for planetary evolution.


The world craves your true story medicine.

If you feel like you are meant to write a book,

but don't know how to really get started


If your gut is telling you to do it,

yet you haven't made time to actually write it


If you have so many ideas and stories to tell

but you don’t know how to organize it all

This Masterclass is for you.


Don't stay overwhelmed and stuck.

Don't keep putting it off.

Come receive support to finally write your book.

Join the Memoir Jumpstart
Free Masterclass for Visionary Women


In this Masterclass,

you will learn:


- how to get clear on

your story structure


- how to find time in your busy life for writing, and why time

isn't actually the main problem

- how to organize your book in a way that makes sense for you and your readers

- how to take all this information and

put it into action to work on your book NOW

Come get unblocked and inspired to truly

write your book this year.

This is a deep-dive class that will get you real results. Bring your notebook, sis.

“The time I have spent with Flow has been very valuable. Her grounded and focused presence has been immensely helpful towards my process of getting clear on what my story, and structure of that story, is. I’m grateful for the wisdom, tools and authentic reflections that she has shared. Every time I show up to a meeting I feel even more inspired to write and that in itself is priceless.” - Melissa F.

Memoir Jumpstart Free Masterclass

for Visionary Women

Sunday, October 24th 2021, 2pm-3:30pm PST

Join Live For the Greatest Benefit, or Watch the Replay