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This is for the moms who know their passion business is important to their own wellbeing AND to the world, want to also be there fully for their family, and sometimes don’t know how to do it all.

Join this 12 week group experience to learn how to be creatively productive without burning out so you can have an epic impact with your work and still be an amazing mom and a healthy, happy human.

Some Benefits of Embodying the Principles of

Sustainable Creator Mom...

- Receive more money for less time

- Make an impact in the world without Burnout 

- Feel less stress

- Feel good about the work you do, rather than bad about the work you don't...

- Increase your focus, energy, health, happiness and productivity

- Gain confidence in your ability to manage your emotions and calm anxiety naturally so they don't disturb your work flow

- Know when to move forward, when to rest, when to create and when to hibernate for the maximum beneficial outcome and productivity

- Embody and live a sustainably productive, more enjoyable and abundant life

- Have more fun

- Feel better in your body and your life

- Have better relationships and more presence and attention for your family and friends

The Format

Every two weeks we will cover a different module.


You will receive your email lesson and homework on Monday of Week One.


We will have a Group Call every Sunday Evening of Week Two. (Will be recorded.)


You will also receive two 1-on-1 calls with me during the program.


Plus email support for questions and spot coaching. 


Program Runs May 6 through July 28th.

Topics Covered

Module 1: Alignment Upgrade- Get clarity on your mission, value and how you deliver it. Re-vamp your business model to make more money in less time.

Module 2: The Scheduling Formula- Re-imagine your goals and schedule your productivity and self-care the Mom way. Get more done with less stress.

Module 3: Master your Energy- Craft and embody your self-care and creative cultivation routines. Increase your focus, energy, health, happiness and productivity.

Module 4: Authentic Self-Mastery- Follow ancient and modern protocols for effectively processing emotions and managing anxiety. No more getting derailed by emotions and anxiety.

Module 5: Cycle Surfing- Learn and work with all the cycles to effectively plan and schedule with the most naturally productive and nurturing rhythms. Know when to move forward and when to rest for the maximum beneficial outcome.

Module 6: Integration- Really integrate these teachings and put them fully into practice. Have more impact and fun and less stress and burnout.


Are you ready to really have it all and live your life as a fully Sustainable Creator Mom?

It takes dedication, learning and support, but with your commitment, your really can.

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