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Postpartum Integration Sessions

Postpartum Healing

For mothers 3 months to 3 years postpartum


Becoming a mother is a completely life-changing experience.


Many find it hard to put the pieces of themselves back together after giving birth. They are no longer who they were, and not quite yet who they are becoming. Exhaustion, strange hormones, a whole new identity, a new lifestyle that is completely different than before, potential birth-trauma, grief, shame, rage, sadness and all kinds of hard-to-handle feelings and emotions swirl within the mother, making it hard for her to integrate her experience and emerge from the postpartum cocoon. This often extends well beyond the first forty days and into the next months and even years of a mother’s life.


This unintegrated postpartum experience can show up as confusion, lethargy, apathy, depression, anxiety, addiction, feeling “off” or “not like herself.” It can show up as intense or extreme emotions or mood swings, anger or mistrust towards the spouse or family, not knowing how to interact with people or the world anymore, feeling lost, feeling defeated, out-of-body, disconnected from who and how she used to be and not knowing who she is, what do do or how to be anymore.


In these cases, integrating postpartum requires support and deep healing work. Therapy is important in this phase, yes. But there is a depth of healing, feeling and expression that is needed in these situations that often is not touched by therapy alone.


Postpartum Healing with Flow Belinsky is a powerful yet gentle blend of shamanic practices, deep listening, somatic experiences, creative expression exercises and intuitive guidance from a woman who has been there and healed through it.


The journey begins with a free 45 minute Postpartum Integration Session. 


After that, we move into the three month Postpartum Emergence Process that involves three one hour sessions per month plus voxer support to be able to reach the healing specialist at anytime for extra support.

If you are struggling with your experience of motherhood, if you know you need support to integrate your new reality and feel good in your body and life as a mother, please reach out for support. It will make your life and your child’s life so much more wonderful for you to be healed, integrated and truly supported in your motherhood journey.


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Give yourself the gift of getting the help you need to have a fulfilling experience of motherhood and to re-emerge as your new and powerful self postpartum.

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