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Full Expression is for women who are done pretending and are ready to perform authentically— in their lives, relationships, their work and now, on a stage.


This is for women who want to free their authenticity and creative channel, get over their fears of being seen and heard and show up fully in life and leadership.


This is for women who want to embody and approve of their full expression of self— the good, the bad, the ugly, the hot, the freakish, the innocent, the confused, the brilliant, the shadow, the light, the power, the patterns, the creative and the destructive, and bring that forward in their lives.

This Group Journey will help you move through fears of:

  • being seen

  • public speaking

  • showing your darkness

  • being too bright

  • using your voice

  • expressing your sensuality

  • being too much

  • not belonging

  • being too crazy

  • being too sexual

  • being too modest

  • being not enough

  • bringing your authentic self to your career/leadership


This is for women who are willing to be and love their full selves— no longer hiding, denying, apologizing, shaming, guilting or suppressing.

This is for women who know they are complex, not crazy, powerful, not pitiful, and are ready to come fully into themselves through a transformational process with a tribe that understands them.

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Full Expression is about meeting all parts of Self with approval

and having the courage 

to share and make art out of it.

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In This Year-Long Journey You Will:


  • Examine shyness and edges around being seen and heard

  • Learn how to transform stage fright and anxiety into power and pleasure

  • Expand your creative capacity, inspiration and bravery

  • Develop more self-acceptance

  • Deepen your capacity to be present and authentic as a leader in your life and life's work

  • Strengthen your ability to be your full self in life, work and love

  • Deconstruct the ways oppression has impacted your self expression

  • Create inspiring art and get the opportunity to share it with a wider audience


The Process: 


We use innovative and proven methods of self actualization and inquiry, group process, movement and vocal practices, art exploration, journaling, theater and improv, gestalt therapy and more intuitive, unnamable methods to expose and embrace all the many parts of self and bring each woman into more coherence and courageous embodiment.


Full Spectrum is a supportive process and inspirational cohort of women to help you move through fears of being seen in the fullness of your expression and own your truth-- both in your personal life and publicly through performative art.

- June 2020 to June 2021 -

- Now Enrolling - 


We meet in person, over video conference call and in a private forum to do this deep work together.

  • IN PERSON: 4 times throughout the year in Bend, Oregon for a weekend immersion (Non-residential retreat. Help with accommodation available. Immersions are Friday night through Sunday afternoon— in July, October, March and June)

  • VIDEO CALL: 1 time per month for a 3 hour session, Sunday evenings 6-9pm PST


Also Includes:

  • Group Coherence and Integration: WhatsApp thread for text, video and voice messages with the group to share, reflect and process

  • One video movement or meditation practice and journaling prompt package sent to you per month to support your ongoing process.



  • Perform in a group music video process, filmed during our March retreat.

  • Co-Star in a professionally produced multi-modality theater showcase in June 2021 in Bend, Oregon. 



Space for 10 women


Investment: $363 per month



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It's time to be fully you, fully free,

fully integrated in your

Full Expression.

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