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Hey Babe...

I have to tell you the TRUTH:

Your real story with all your faults (and WISDOM) is more powerful than ANY self-help book will ever be. 

It's way more impactful than any social media post.

It's so much more helpful than any 10 steps to blah blah blog post you could make.


If you are here, you are being called to write your memoir.


You are being summoned to tell the truth-


To stand in it, to expose yourself and let your HONESTY be the OFFERING.

Not just ANYONE can write a memoir.


It takes guts.


It takes bravery.


It takes one hell of a courageous woman to show all of herself, to tell the real honest truth and publish it in a book.

It takes a badass woman like YOU.

But what if you don't feel brave?

What if you feel scared to publish a book about your real life story, with all the ugly parts and imperfections?

What if you KNOW you are badass... but the thought of putting your REAL story out there feels way too vulnerable?

Listen honey.

The time for being small and scared is over.

This is 2022. It's time to be big and bold.


The era of the quiet woman is over.


This world needs your VOICE-



It's time to let it all hang out.

Telling your true story in the form of a book is what you are meant to do.

And when you need a hype girl, when you need someone to tell you "YES QUEEN, YOU CAN DO THIS!"

Or you need a comforting mommy to rest into and cry...

Or you need a school teacher to give you clear assignments...

Or you need a Power Dom to whip you into shape...

I'm there. I'm right there with you the whole way.

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So if you are meant to do it, why do you need me?


Well, the thing is...

Writing a book is not ALL about guts.

You need skills and strategy too.

Because when you sit down to write, you feel overwhelmed.

Or you have scattered papers everywhere and no real system.

Or you find yourself procrastinating.


Doing other stuff. Other projects.


Saying you'll write it later, next year, when you're "ready."

You know you are meant to write an amazing true story... but it feels pretty confusing when you try it write it, actually.

So you don't do it.

You worry about not being a good enough writer.

You fixate on what happens when you are done, so you don't even start.

You question if you will ever be able to finish, if it will just be a waste of time.

You can't understand how to find enough time in your already full life.

So you abandon your dream.

And in doing so, you abandon yourself.

By putting this off, by making these excuses, by saying you'll do it some other time that never comes, you are shutting down your full empowered expression.

You are ignoring the truth that wants to come through you.

You are blocking your creative flow, stopping the waterfall of inspiration,

saying NO to the destiny that awaits you.

And maybe this sounds cliche but it's true...

People out there need your story medicine.


Your honesty heals them.


Your wisdom gives them hope.

And writing your true story heals YOU.


It transforms you from the inside out. 

It helps you integrate the past and step into your most empowered future.

It helps you heal any shame and guilt about who you were so you can full embody who you truly are NOW.

No words I say here will fully transmit how powerfully healing it is to write your true story. You'll just have to experience it for yourself.

Plus... who will you become when you finally reach your goal of PUBLISHING your book?

Not some day. Not eventually. THIS YEAR.

How GOOD will you feel?

How much more UNSTOPPABLE will you be??

What other incredible creative projects are waiting on the other side of this idea?

What will spill out of you once you complete this dream that has been nagging at you, calling you, begging you to create it?

So then let me help you stop talking about it, stop thinking about it, stop procrastinating

and start doing it woman!

Not to mention, publishing your memoir will open so many doors for you.


It gives you a bigger platform.


More reach.


More publicity.

So you can take your badass business and message to an even higher level.


You may worry about what they will think- your clients, your audience, your mom.

The reality is, they will respect you more. They will most likely love you more. They will probably thank you and praise you.

Because... people crave honesty. Truth. REALITY.

This world is too full of fake. It's time to get real.

Real with your audience, and real with yourself.

Because if you are honest with yourself, you want this bad.

You dream of being a published author.

You lust after it.

You crave it.


I'm gonna give it to you straight:

I have everything you need to make your book happen this year.

I have proven systems to organize and structure it.

I have the resources to up-level your writing skills.

I have the tough love to call you on your shit so you keep moving forward.

I have the experience to guide you through any setback.

I am the container for you to grow into your true author self.

I will hold you, teach you, push you and love you into your dreams of publishing this book.

If you could do it on your own, you would have done it already.

You need support, encouragement and methods that work.

I got you.

Don't keep putting it off. 

Stop pushing aside your dream.

Stop denying the world your juicy, naked, healing story. Your transformational tale, and the wisdom you've gained along the way. That stuff is GOLD.

Time keeps on slipping into the future, as they say.


Will you let your dreams slip away or commit to making them happen?


Let's do this.

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Ok now here's some details. Join The Naked Truth Memoir Mastermind for Courageous Women and you will:


- Have full support to truly start, write and finish your book.


- Learn to make time and create focus to actually do it.


- Create a coherent structure to work from that makes sense to you and your readers.

- Get reflection to know what stories to share and what to leave out.


- Receive accountability to stay on track and accomplish your goal.


- Move through creative and emotional blocks when they arise.

- Heal fears and doubts that keep you in inaction.


- Up-level your writing skills and learn the art of memoir.


- Gain the confidence to fully share your true story— even the ugly parts.


- Learn how to publish your book and make a plan for when you are done.

"Because she has and trusts her intuitive abilities, she can tap into your energy and say that one thing at that moment that will make all the difference.  She actually cares and wants you to go make that difference and impact that you are called to make in the world." - Heather
"Flow has really gotten me flowing (lol) with my writing. I often find that I just keep going and going. Her coaching is very creative, intuitive, and helps in a very real and deep way." - Lelah

“The time I have spent with Flow has been very valuable. Her grounded and focused presence has been immensely helpful towards my process. I’m grateful for the wisdom, tools and authentic reflections that she has shared. Every time I show up to a meeting I feel even more inspired to write and that in itself is priceless.” - Melissa F.

At the end of this 9 Month Journey you will be complete with your manuscript and ready for an editor.

This Mastermind will deeply support you with personal mentorship, proven methods and a group of peers to move through everything that is in the way of you becoming an author.

The world needs your story medicine.

It's time for you to write your book and change lives...

especially your own!


I'm here to help you bust through anything

in the way and truly do it.

This 9 Month Journey includes:


(18) Group Coaching Sessions


(3) Deep Dive 1-on-1 Sessions

Memoir Foundations 8 Week Course

Group Forum for Feedback & Accountability

4 Embodied Creative Unblocking Video Practices

The Art of Memoir Book Study

2 Guest Expert Sessions on Publishing and Marketing

"She doesn't just tell you a whole bunch of information and tell you to go do it like a lot coaches do, she actually sits with you to co-create the finished product together. To me that was a breath of fresh air and so needed. - Itatiaia

Yeah, that all sounds great, you say, but how much is this? Can I afford this?

Let's talk about what you can't afford.

You can't afford to keep putting off your dream, stopping up your creative flow, blocking your inspiration by constantly thinking about a project that you never do.

You can't afford to stunt your success by keeping this story to yourself and never giving yourself the chance to expand your platform and your influence.

You can't afford to stay small and quiet while thousands of people need your story medicine to heal and grow.

What CAN you afford?

You can afford this program.


For the price of what you spend on eating out and getting coffee every week, you could be investing in your dream, freeing your creativity, expanding your influence and having way more impact in the world.

You could get the support you need to bring your dream of being an author into reality.

This program is $5000.

That's it.

There are payment plans if you need that boo.

Plus, if you join by December 12, 2021 you will get a full $1000 off.

For 9 whole months of coaching, that's the investment.

You get everything you need to make your book happen.

All the resources to make your writing strong and your structure powerful, all the community love, all the reflection and feedback, all the one-on-one high touch support, every single thing you need to make this dream a reality.

This is not just a course, an instruction book, a large group coaching program with no personal support.

This is deep transformation, powerful attention, personalized care and every single resource you could possibly need.


Because I believe in you. I know you can do this and I am here to help you every step of the way.

Ready to commit to your dream?

The Naked Truth

Memoir Mastermind for Courageous Women

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