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“Flow’s voice is so honest, so transparent, so deeply thoughtful and self-reflective.” 

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Flow is an author and memoir consultant who delivers raw and real interviews and informative keynote presentations. Audiences love her candor, humor and relatable stories. She often says what others are afraid to say, and combines her performing arts background, her expertise in memoir writing and her unapologetic frankness to create skillful, relatable and valuable experiences for audiences, interviewers and organizers alike.


Flow earned her B.A. from UCSB, but that doesn’t really matter now does it? She is a two time Memoirist, an experienced mentor, a life-long performance artist and a good-enough mom. Podcasts and organizations invite Flow to speak on the truth about motherhood and maternal mental health, to talk about her own writing process and to share strategies and tips for memoir writing.


Oh, did we mention (by we, I mean me. Hi, this is Flow here writing about myself in the third person) that Flow is a song-writer and vocalist in a band with her husband? Also, she’s a newly out polyamorous pan-sensual autistic lesbian (what?) and would love to share all about it, but only if you want to know.


Speaking Topics


Motherhood in the Modern World:

The truths “no one” talks about, and why they are really important to share

Maternal Mental Health:

Why we lose it, how to have it and why it’s all so hard

How to Write a Memoir:

Expert tips to transform your idea into an actual book

The Healing Process of Memoir Writing:

How writing books changed my life and can do the same for you

Flow is available for podcast interviews, guest blogging, speaking to groups, guest teaching, news stories and to answer any questions you have.

Contact Flow

Thanks for reaching out! Looking forward to connecting. 

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