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It's time to write your book with clarity and confidence!

Write the book that is calling to you… 


without wasting time or feeling confused.



Feel confident and clear in your book writing process… 

even if you have never done it before.



Create the foundation to finish your memoir in less than a year…


even if you feel stuck right now or don’t know where to start.


"I feel like I can navigate my story with clarity and ease where before I was just so stuck in the quagmire of all of it, because it's such a huge story to write. I feel so much more confident,
I see myself as a writer and I know I’m going to finish.
This class has been the thing to get me there."
- Lauren Hammersly, Mom of 5

You know you are meant to write a memoir, but...


It can be confusing and overwhelming to actually do it.


As someone who has written two of my own

and supported dozens of other women to write their books,

I know first hand what it's like to start, write and actually finish a book.

You ask yourself...


How do I get started?


How do I structure it?


What is this book even about?


Which stories should I include and which should I leave out?


How do I write about people from my past?

Is it worth it?


Will I ever finish?

How do I fit this writing project into my life?

What do I do when I'm done?


Does my story even matter?

With all that uncertainty,

it’s hard to make any real progress

or find the motivation to work on your book at all. 


That's why I created this course for you!


So you can stop just talking about your book and actually write it with clarity and confidence.

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It's been really exciting to go from “I don’t know if I could ever do this,” to now having to sift through a massive document and being like, “HOLY CRAP I’M WRITING A BOOK!”
- Melissa Smith, Mother and Urban Garden Expert

Memoir Jumpstart is a proven method that really works.


This course is designed for busy women like you.


It will walk you through the process of writing your unique story step-by-step.


You will not only learn how to write your book,

you will be writing and refining it every step of the way.


When you are done with this comprehensive 10 module course,

you have a significant amount of your book already done.

Plus you will know exactly how to:


- Structure your memoir in a powerful way


- Define your book theme and describe what it’s about


- Design and implement your unique writer’s voice


- Move through fears and doubts so you can keep going


- Schedule in writing and stay accountable

so you will actually finish


- Decide what is relevant and what to leave out


- Create a compelling, interesting and significant book

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"I can see how I have grown a lot as a writer. With this course I gave myself permission to take time and space to write. And it has helped so much that we are actually honing the craft of memoir and being guided with the structure and all the nuances of what it takes to actually write a book.
Before this my writing was a lot more scattered." 
- Ashley Grewe, Mother of 2, Chocolatier, Community Organizer

The Memoir Jumpstart Course is a holistic yet practical approach to memoir writing. 


You will be guided step-by-step but given freedom to really make it your own. 

This is YOUR book, after all, and there is no one-size-fits-all formula. But there ARE some universal guidelines that will make your book clear, strong and powerful, as well as some techniques and perspectives that will make your book writing experience a healing process, too.


This is an at-your-pace course, and everyone moves through the material at different speeds. Some women finish the entire course in under 3 months, while others take closer to a year. 


Once you are done with this jumpstart course, you will have a significant amount of your book already written and a clear plan of how to finish.


You will know:

- What to include

- How to structure it

- How to write in a consistent voice

- How to talk about your book

- How to move through fears and doubts that come up along the way

- How to write about people from your past

- How to stay accountable and make time for your writing

- And what to do when you are done!

Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 12.06.10 PM.png

"Before this course my writing was very scarce. I had always had this calling, like I know I need to write, I just don’t know what to do and how to do it or where to start. I found through this course a new way and reconnected with my love for writing. I wrote on some topics that I pushed way down in my subconscious and got some really deep healing. It was a wonderful experience.”  
- Evangeline S, Multi-Entrepreneur and Visionary


Memoir Jumpstart Course Modules


Module 1: Making the Time


Make a writing schedule, understanding how to create creative focus, learning how to prioritize your work and getting clear on the big reasons why YOU are doing this.



Module 2: Getting Clear


Get clear on what your book is about and how to get started. It will also address the most common set-back women have when it comes to starting and writing their memoirs: structure.



Module 3: Fears and Doubts


Identify and move through fears, doubts and your inner critic so you can write with confidence, ditch your excuses and finally write your book.



Module 4: Writing Craft


Develop your unique writing style and master the writing concepts of voice, carnality, interiority and more.


Module 5: Integration


Take some time to put everything you have learned into practice and make some serious progress on your book.



Module 6: Structure Clarity


Learn about different types of memoir structure, decide on your one main theme and define your unique memoir structure to move forward with.



Module 7: Write the Hard


Understand and practice how to write about the harder stuff, such as trauma and other people from your past.



Module 8: Structure Foundation


Create a clear outline of events and stories you want to include, refine your structure and write your opening chapters.



Module 9: Going Forward


Put it all together, keep moving forward, understand how to finish your book and what comes next.



Module 10: Bonus Material


Receive continued support with recorded coaching calls, meditations, visualizations and resources.

Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 12.09.12 PM.png

"I wasn’t sure I could do this, write this book, but I felt like I needed to. And now I’m much more at ease with myself. As a writer I now know I can write an entire book.”

- Lelah, Lawyer and Mother of 2

The Memoir Jumpstart Course

has everything you need to write your book

with clarity and confidence.


With expert guidance, a step-by-step proven method and the flexibility to go at your own pace, you will feel supported and empowered to write the memoir you have been dreaming of.


It’s time to stop wasting time, stop staying confused, stop making excuses, stop putting it off.


Jump into the Memoir Jumpstart Course and set yourself up for success!

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Memoir Jumpstart 10 Module Course

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