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Hey you busy, courageous, complex woman...
It's time for you to stop just thinking about your book and
actually write it with clarity and confidence!

The Memoir Jumpstart Program

is for you if you are ready to:

Write your book this year

Feel confident when you sit down to write


Structure your memoir in a clear way

Fit writing into your busy life

Heal and grow in the process

...and you want expert guidance, a step-by-step process, and an inspiring community of like-minded women to support you!


I feel like I can navigate my story with clarity and ease where before I was just so stuck in the quagmire of all of it, because it's such a huge story to write. I feel so much more confident,
I see myself as a writer and I know I’m going to finish.
This class has been the thing to get me there.
- Lauren Hammersly, Mom of 5

Write the book that is calling to you…

without wasting time or feeling confused.



Stay accountable to your goals and make real progress in your book…


without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.



Feel confident and clear on what your book is about and how to write it…


even if you have never done it before. 


Create the foundation to finish your memoir this year…


even if you feel stuck right now or don’t know where to start.

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It's been really exciting to go from “I don’t know if I could ever do this,” to now having to sift through a massive document and being like, “HOLY CRAP I’M WRITING A BOOK!”
- Melissa Smith, Mother and Urban Garden Expert

Memoir Jumpstart is a proven method

that really works!

This program is a combination of step-by-step modules, personalized coaching and community support.

And, it is also a holistic and transformational experience that will support you to move through doubts, fears and challenging emotions to grow into a more empowered and confident version of you!

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"What you bring to us and to this group and to our writing is magic. You’re taking your experience but also a really deep,
intuitive way of guiding us that really is holistic.
Like… could you imagine taking a memoir writing class
at a community college?? Who would be able to
write a memoir after that?? Because it's so much more." 
- Ashley Grewe, Mother of 2, Chocolatier, Community Organizer

The Memoir Jumpstart Program is designed for busy women and moms. It gives you flexibility so you can fit writing into your unique schedule, but also accountability

so you can stay on track and reach your goals.



In this program you will:

- Learn to make time for writing in your unique schedule and busy life


- Create realistic goals for you and your lifestyle


- Hone your writing skills and develop your unique author voice


- Create a clear structure for your book


- Follow a step-by-step process


- Write as you go so every step is productive


- Get feedback on every step so you know you are on track

- Move through fears and doubts to write with confidence

- Receive accountability to follow through with your goals

So you can finish your book in a year (or less!)

The Memoir Jumpstart Program really has

everything you need to not only

understand how to write your book...


but to actually start writing it

with clarity and confidence,


plus accountability and personalized support

to move through any obstacles

So you can truly finish your book in a year, or less!

The 6 Month Memoir Jumpstart

Group Program Includes:

 - self-paced, in-depth 10 module online course that gives you the exact step-by-step process to structure and write your book

$795 value

- interactive private group forum for accountability, support and feedback on your steps and your writing

$600 value

- monthly virtual 3 hour writing retreat for inspiration, community connection, creative enhancement,

accountability and co-working time

$1200 value


PLUS, so many Bonuses!


Bonus Monthly Q&A Zoom Session

$600 value

 Bonus Monthly Virtual Office Hours

$600 value


Bonus Writer’s Unblocking Resource

$150 value


Bonus How to Write about Other People Lesson

$150 value

The 6 Month Memoir Jumpstart Program is valued at over $4000, but priced much lower to work for your lifestyle.

When you finish this 6 month group experience, you will have a clear structure and plan for your book, half of your book already written, and

the skills and confidence

to finish your book in 6 months or less!


READY TO JOIN and make

your book dream a reality? 

Let's talk!

The next step is to sign up for a free 30 minute Memoir Strategy Call.


On this call you will share about your book project, get clear on your next steps, and if it's a right fit, join the program!

If none of these times work for you,​ email and we will find one that does.


If you are already 100% ready to join us and don't want to do the Memoir Strategy call, email me at and we will get you registered!