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Become a Mom Centered Certified Practicioner!

This 8 Month Learning Lab and Professional Training will help you to embody the principles of Mom Centered Mental Health and Wellbeing in your own life and bring more mastery and expertise into your professional work with other mothers.

This is for You if...


You feel a deep calling and soul purpose to help other moms on their journeys through motherhood and life.


Maybe you are already doing it, as a healer, doula, counselor, facilitator or coach. Or maybe you are a helping professional getting ready to pivot your work to serve mothers.


You know you have important work to do

to help mothers and the planet.


Your perspective and healing of the mother is greatly

needed for our global health and evolution.



- You struggle to find time for your purpose work AND self work while also keeping up with your motherhood responsibilities.

- You often feel anxious or have a hard time relaxing, even when you have down time.


- When you are really rocking your business, your personal life, family life or mental health suffer.

- You sometimes experience burnout and deal with depression.

- You want to do it all, but often don’t know how to get it all done.

- You sometimes feel like a fraud or like you can’t do the work you know you are meant to, because you want to help your clients but often feel like you need real help yourself. 

It’s time to find the balance between caring for others and caring for yourself so you can do both in a satisfying and sustainable way.


It’s time to embody your mastery of maternal wellness, both in your life and in your work.


That’s where Mom Centered

Learning Lab and Professional Training comes in.

This is for you AND your clients.

In this professional training you will:


- Embody the principles of mom centered wellbeing in your own life.

- Learn how to truly balance motherhood and purpose work in a sustainable way.

- Gain tools, perspectives and teachings that will give you the confidence of a true expert in Maternal Wellness.

- Get the support of a mentor and community on the same path as you

- Master entrepreneurship the mom way.

- Receive support to integrate these principles and design your content and business in a way that works for you and significantly benefits your clients.

- Walk your talk in a big way.

- Practice speaking your truth and sharing your message with a wider audience as a guest speaker in the Mom Centered Wellbeing Online Symposium in May, 2020.

- Be part of and lean on the support of a sisterhood of women who are willing to listen deeply, get vulnerable together and empower each other.


By embodying the principles of Mom Centered Wellbeing, you will experience and be able to share the following results with your clients:


- Overcome overwhelm

- Let go of guilt and shame that bogs you down

- Experience more potent self love and acceptance

- Lessen and regulate anxiety

- Understand Depression and know how to handle it

- Find deeper meaning and purpose in your every day life

- Feel happy and satisfied more consistently

- Stay connected to the woman you are inside of your motherhood role

- Walk the path of healing personal and intergenerational trauma

- Cultivate deeper presence and patience

- Have even more attention and love for your kids

I truly believe that we are better mothers and supporters of other mothers when we are aligned with our true essence, filled up and deeply satisfied with our lives. It takes work to have that, and support. 


It takes learning a new way to mother and to work, and a deep level of self-compassion and self-advocacy. 


It takes unwinding the traumas, inherited beliefs and learned behaviors that keep you stuck in dissatisfaction, over-extension, burn-out, self judgement, isolation, anxiety and depression.


It takes learning and embodying a new way of being as a mother and a business professional— one that is centered, satisfied and easily overflowing with love, presence and energy for the care of others, both your family and your clients.


You can experience a nourishing, enjoyable, healthy life as a mother and supporter of other mothers, connected to your true power, purpose, creativity, sensuality, pleasure and mental health in a sustainable way. I know, because I have lived the transformational path from anxious, depressed and burnt out— to filled up, relaxed and joyfully of service.


I am here now to share what I’ve learned and to guide you on the path from surviving to thriving, from burnt out to overflowing with health and presence, so you can not only support the other women you are called to serve and your family in a good way, but so you can truly enjoy your life and experience real wellbeing, too.

Let’s do it together.

“Flow has a presence about her that guides participants to expand and push their edge in personal growth, in a way that feels completely safe and often super playful!”

- Emily B. - Mother and Coach

"I felt my self melt, hit up against old stories, and melt again all while being totally seen, held, and loved by Flow's nurturing container." 

- Emily S. - Mother and Nanny

"She had us crying, laughing, releasing, celebrating, and loving...the full spectrum. Powerful medicine! I highly recommend working with Flow"

- Krystin C. - Business and Lifestyle Coach

"She has this way of making you feel completely safe and able to let the vulnerable parts of yourself come out to play. She also does an amazing job bringing both playfulness and sacredness to every class. I really can't say enough wonderful things about how powerful, loving, and effective Flow is as a group facilitator.”

- Jackie M. - Acupuncturist and Soul Midwife

"Being coached by Flow has been a deep process of self growth, learning to get out of my own way, and finding clarity in the mission of my business. Her combination of shamanic meditations and practical applications are the perfect balance to help any entrepreneur find their feet, steady themselves in their life purpose, and stand up in action steps to become the leader that they are."

- Sasha Z. - Women's Empowerment Coach

Ready to transform your motherhood experience and professional life into more joy, vitality, sustainability and wellbeing?

Join Mom Centered's 8 Month Professional Training and Group Journey!

The Details

Program Duration: Oct 13, 2019- June 14, 2020

2 Group Calls per month for 8 months, on Sunday's, 4-5:30pm PST


This Learning Lab and Professional Training consists of:


- 4 Months of focused learning and integration of the 16 Mom Centered Modules and Practices


- 2 Months of receiving and embodying the way of the Sustainable Mompreneur


- 2 Months of Mastermind Support to integrate all the material into your unique healing or helping practice, including content creation, course design, session structuring, business modeling and lifestyle design

- One on One Mentorship to truly bring the teachings and practices into your own life and integrate them in your work, content and professional practice

- A space to connect with a deep and supportive community of likeminded women

- Private Coaching to develop your message and deliver your platform as a guest speaker in the Mom Centered Wellbeing Online Symposium in May 2020


Program Includes:


- 16 Mom Centered Wellbeing in depth modules including journal prompts and action steps

- 4 Audio Meditations you can use for yourself and your clients

- 4 Video Practices to help you truly embody the teachings

- 2 Interactive Group Calls per month to discuss and integrate the material into your life and your practice

- 5 one-on-one mentorship sessions with Flow

- Private Group Form to share and reflect

- Guest Speaker spot and publicity in the online symposium

- Mom Centered Wellbeing Official Practitioner Certificate

$4,800 or 8 payments of $629


Registration ends October 7th. Limited to 12 participants.

Fill out the form below to begin your journey!


After you complete the application form, you will get a text and email from me, Flow, to schedule your 20 minute welcome and registration call. There you can ask any questions you have and I will give you the information you need to officially register for this 8 month group experience and professional training.

Congratulations on taking this big step to more fully support yourself and your clients on the journey of motherhood and life.

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