Visible, Vulnerable & Valuable:

Memoir Writing Mentorship

You have a calling within you, a desire, a dream, a knowing that you have to share your story.

It's not just for you. It's for all the people who will read it too.

If you know that writing a memoir this year is part of your purpose,

then it's time to write your book, honey. I'm here to support you.

I work one-on-one with you to help you complete your memoir.

- Learn to move through writers block

- Get support processing emotions that arise during the writing process

- Move through fears of being seen, being vulnerable and doubts about the value of your story

- Build trust and intimacy with your audience and relationships

- Process and integrate your past through writing

- Let go of paralyzing perfectionism

This 9 Month Journey Includes:

- Accountability and goal setting

- Concept clarity and story mapping

- Customized writing prompts to pull out your story

- Emotional processing support

- Creative breakthrough coaching

- Practices to strengthen your creative muscles

- Publishing Consulting

- Workshopping your writing together

- Healing the fear and resistance that keeps you from completion


You can just call me the Memoir Midwife. I will support you on all levels to heal through your writing process. I know that this work of art will not only help you integrate and grow from the past, it will help others as well.

The process of writing a whole book and being that vulnerable with your real-life story may seem overwhelming,

but it's not, with some help.

I will hold your hand and heart, ensuring that you have the most healing and easeful process in creating your book.

The world needs your story. I'm here to help.

Fill out the form below to apply. I'll reach out and find a time to connect about your project to see if we are a good fit.

Memoir Mentorship Application