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Hey You Visionary Woman...


Are you feeling the call to write your book?

Your intuition and guidance are telling you to do it, but you haven't yet.


Maybe you’ve written a few things here or there,

but the whole vision doesn’t quite make sense.


Or perhaps you have so many ideas in your head,

but when you sit down, you can’t get them out.


Please, don't let this stop you.


Writing a book is totally doable.


Sometimes it just takes a little structure, reflection and accountability.


Some people wonder if writing their book really even matters.


The thing is...

Your story, your true and transformational book,

is so healing for others.


It gives them hope, helps them release shame about their own hardships, and shows them that they can make it through their challenges, just like you did.

Not only that, it heals YOU. It helps you integrate the past and become even more empowered.

And... it helps heal the generations of female suppression that have hidden and erased women's stories and wisdom.


Are you going to keep putting it off?

Ignoring that voice inside?

Waiting until it's more convenient?

Using your lack of clarity as an excuse to procrastinate?

Staying confused and stuck instead of getting support to take action?

How long will you wait until you answer your calling?

There are people who need your story medicine.

The time is now.

Writing your memoir will open doors for you.


- Make an impact in other people’s lives by sharing your transformational story

- Fulfill your dream and calling of writing your book

- Integrate your past and become even more empowered

- Grow your business and influence by more publicity

- Reach more people with your message

If you keep telling yourself you are going to write your book someday, but haven't yet,


You may think it’s because you...

- are too busy with more important things

- are not sure what your book is really about

- don’t know how to structure and organize it


And while all that may be true, the real reason is often FEAR.


- fear that you are not a good enough writer

- fear of what your mom, your ex or your audience will think or do if they read your truth

- fear that you won’t actually finish it and it will be a waste of time

- fear that once you publish it no one will care or you’ll get bad reviews

- fear of what will happen when you open up the wounds of the past to write them down


And so you don’t work on it, and your story doesn’t get told.


That’s why memoir coaching WORKS.


You not only...


- learn to find time and prioritize your project

- get crystal clear what your book is about and how to organize it

- develop your writing skills and voice

- receive accountability to actually follow through


But you’ll also get in depth support to identify and move through any fears or doubts that are subconsciously blocking you from even working on it, keeping you stuck in procrastination and inaction.


That way, you can do the deeper healing you need to actually write, finish and confidently publish your book.


The world needs your story medicine.

Here is all the
help you need
to make it happen.

Join the Memoir Incubator Group Mentorship Program.



Have the support to truly start, write and finish your book.


Get the clarity you need to be confident in your book’s direction.


Learn to make time and create focus to make real progress in your writing.


Create a coherent structure to work from that makes sense to you and your readers.

Get reflection to know what stories to share and what to leave out.


Receive accountability and support to stay on track and accomplish your goal.


Move through creative and emotional blocks when they arise.

Heal fears and doubts that keep you in inaction.


Up-level your writing skills and learn the art of memoir.


Gain the confidence to fully share your true story— even the ugly parts.


Learn how to publish your book and make a plan for when you are done.

“The time I have spent with Flow has been very valuable. Her grounded and focused presence has been immensely helpful towards my process. I’m grateful for the wisdom, tools and authentic reflections that she has shared. Every time I show up to a meeting I feel even more inspired to write and that in itself is priceless.” - Melissa F.

"Flow has really gotten me flowing (lol) with my writing. I often find that I just keep going and going. Her coaching is very creative, intuitive, and helps in a very real and deep way." - Lelah
"Because she has and trusts her intuitive abilities, she can tap into your energy and say that one thing at that moment that will make all the difference.  She actually cares and wants you to go make that difference and impact that you are called to make in the world." - Heather

At the end of the Memoir Incubator 7 Month Journey you can be complete with your manuscript

and ready for an editor.

This program will deeply support you with personal mentorship, proven methods and a group of peers to move through everything that is in the way of you becoming an author.

The world needs your story medicine.

It's time for you to write your book and change lives...

especially your own!


I'm here to help you move through anything

in the way of doing it.

This 7 Month Journey includes:


(2) Deep Dive 1-on-1 Sessions

(10) Small Group Mentorship Calls

Memoir Jumpstart 12 Module Course with lessons, practices and prompts

Group Forum for Feedback & Accountability

2 Guest Expert Sessions on Publishing and Marketing

"She doesn't just tell you a whole bunch of information and tell you to go do it like a lot coaches do, she actually sits with you to co-create the finished product together. To me that was a breath of fresh air and so needed. - Itatiaia

Ready to Write your Book,

Make More Impact,

Touch More Lives,

Heal and Integrate Your Past

Emerge More Empowered

and Live your Dream of Being an Author??

Then the Memoir Incubator is for you!

The journey begins on December 10th, 2021.

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