Memoir Accelerator
1-on-1 Mentorship
for Wise Women who want
to write their book NOW.

Get accountability and support to find the time, clarity and bravery to write your book.

Hey you Wise Woman...


You healer, artist, teacher, coach, mother, crone or some combination of all of that...

You know you need to write your book.


It’s calling to you.


It's a spiritual longing, a deep pull, an urgency.

You know there is a next level of empowerment and service you are able to step into by becoming an author… yet you feel intimidated by the process.


You feel successful in your life-- either in business, family or both, yet are having trouble making real progress on your book.


You have so much to share but feel overwhelmed with all the ideas and possible directions for your story.


You need help with the concept, structure and outline of your book in order to feel confident writing it.


You know this is an important step for you, but don’t quite understand how to fit it in your busy schedule.


You know your story is powerful, but sometimes feel resistance to how vulnerable it would be to share the truth.


You have some doubts about your writing style and quality (Even though you are a good writer…)


You crave accountability to move through the challenging beginning phases and actually write your book.




That's what I'm here for.


Your story is important.


Your wisdom is so deeply needed.


Your book needs to be written...


And I'm going to help you do it.



Working with me in this Four Month Mentorship will support you to:


- Get clear on the structure and themes of your book

- Understand what stories to include and how to tie them all together

- Study the craft of memoir writing

- Refine your writing style and voice

- Learn to make space in your busy life for book writing

- Heal the fears and insecurities that stop you from really making progress

- Let go of perfectionism and find your writing flow

- Build confidence and worthiness around your author path

- Gain accountability to actually make your book happen

- Make significant progress on your writing in a short period of time

- Get expert feedback so you know you are on track

- Create an action plan to finish your book

"She doesn't just tell you a whole bunch of information and tell you to go do it like a lot coaches do, she actually sits with you to co-create the finish product together. To me that was a breath of fresh air and so needed. Because she has and trusts her intuitive abilities, she can tap into your energy and say that one thing at that moment that will make all the difference.  She actually cares and wants you to go make that difference and impact that you are called to make in the world." - Itatiaia

In this 4 month 1-on-1 mentorship you will receive:

- (10) Modules of Instruction, Prompts, Practices and Worksheets

- (8) 45 Minute Coaching calls

- (2) 90 Minute Deep Dive Sessions

- Email connection for feedback and questions

"I feel more tuned in to creatively express myself, more intuitive and on fire. I feel once I made a commitment the Universe, I strapped my seat belt on. I feel more open, more free, more healed." - Jasmine

Ready to get the support you need fulfill your calling, write your book
and share your feminine wisdom?

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for this deep dive mentorship.

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