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Postpartum: A Story of Unraveling and Becoming

Motherhood did not come easy to me. I struggled really deeply and had to find my way to balance, health and happiness.


You can read my raw and real memoir to learn more about my hardships in early motherhood and with mental health. In it I share my struggles with postpartum depression, anxiety, addiction and how I found my way through.

About the Book

“Flow’s unfiltered truth brings awareness to

something that isn’t talked about enough.”

- Miquela Millard, Birth Doula and Mother

Flow doesn’t sugar coat the new mother experience in her candid debut work, Postpartum: A Story of Unraveling and Becoming.

In a frank yet lyrical style, Flow gives an unfiltered view into her life-shattering first year of motherhood. Written as expressive therapy for herself, this book is an intimate and artistic portrayal of her struggles with postpartum depression, anxiety, addiction, and the journey to find and remake herself.

Refreshingly honest, Postpartum is an important read for anyone who wants the truth of what early motherhood is like for many women, and an example of how to grow through the hardship.

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What People Say...

"I recommend this book to anyone that wants to better understand the full spectrum transformation of becoming a mother. Postpartum will take you on a journey from tragedy to beauty, and every emotion between. 5 stars!"

"This book helped me feel less alone in my isolating postpartum experience and also reminded me to be kind to myself after #3 arrives. It dives into the truths of postpartum depression, anxiety, and addiction and was so raw and honest. I LOVED it! Highly recommend for all mamas to read!!!"

It was surprising to notice how much I giggled, deeply exhaled, moaned, cried, laughed, awed, and starred in stillness through a single book. I'm just grateful that someone finally exposed some of the raw, harsh, excruciating yet astonishing, strengthening, and expansive moments of early motherhood. Also, I found myself looking into and reaching out for resources to help myself as Flow has explained how she has helped herself.

"Flow's voice is SO honest so transparent, so deeply thoughtful and self reflective. Perfect for those moms who are self reflective themselves or for any mom who just wants someone else to GET THEM. I feel "gotten"."

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