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So, what are these 16 modules of Maternal Wellness?


This is what we will cover for the first four months of the training for you to embody in your own life and bring into your teaching and healing practice for other moms.


  1. The Basics: Food, Exercise, Sleep

  2. Be Honest About Your Feelings: With Yourself, With your Family and Other Moms, With a Therapist

  3. Trauma Resolution: What is Trauma, How does Trauma Effect You, How to Heal Trauma

  4. Authenticity: Connecting with Who you Are, What you Really Want and Need, Congruence

  5. Anxiety and Stress Regulation: Deep Self-Care, Regulating During Childcare, Powering Down

  6. Mindfulness: Why Mindfulness, What is Mindfulness, Developing your Practice

  7. Getting Time Off: Asking for Help, Nurturing Time Off, Overnights

  8. Know your Nervous System: Type, Attachment Style, Lifestyle Design

  9. Letting Go of the Past: Ancestral Imprints, Childhood Wounds, Creating a New Story

  10. Emotional Responsibility: Self Awareness, Managing Triggers, Support Plan

  11. Connecting with Yourself: Doing what you love, Pleasure, Sense of Purpose

  12. Creative Expression: For Healing, for Purpose, Cultivating Creative Energy

  13. Self Compassion: Allowing Imperfection, Forgiving Yourself, Letting go of Guilt

  14. Lens of Kindness: Non Comparison, Non Judgement, Non Shaming

  15. Find your Tribe: Vulnerability, Community Building, Persistence and Forgiveness

  16. Creating your Lifestyle: Personal Life and Practices, Work/Creative Time, Family Time