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Become an Inspirational Author!

Break through resistance and get the clarity you need to write and finish your book with this free memoir writing breakthrough workshop.

Hey womxn! Do you want to write a book about your true life story that inspires and uplifts others? 

If you do, chances are you feel a deep calling to tell your story and publish your book in the next year, yet you:

- Are unclear about how to structure or outline your story


- Don’t know what your main themes are and how to tie it all together in the end


- Feel overwhelmed by all the possible stories you could share and don’t know which to focus on


- Worry what other people will think or what will happen if you actually publish it


- Come up against writer’s block and can’t find an efficient way to move through it



These are all totally normal experiences when trying to write your first memoir.


And even with all of this coming up, you still:


- Feel the nagging, deep calling that it is your time to share your story

- Want to make an impact in other people’s lives by publishing this book

- Desire to move through your creative blocks and accomplish your goal

- Crave the clarity and momentum to write your true story in an inspiring way

- Know that telling this story is part of your evolution and career path


Sharing your real story and the empowerment you will get from completing your book will help heal yourself,

others and the world.


After attending this free online workshop, you will:


- Identify and move through some of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from working on or finishing your book

- Discover your story’s main themes and clarify your book’s direction

- Expand your story material and get fresh ideas to write about

- Learn some powerful ways to move through writer’s block


- Gain the momentum you need to confidently take the next steps on your author journey

"Flow has a presence about her that guides participants to expand and push their edge in personal growth, in a way that feels completely safe and often super playful! Being in Flow's presence in any kind of group is truly a gift!” - Emily B.

"I felt held at whatever pace I needed to be yet encouraged to push beyond my limits in such a kind and compassionate way. Her way of guiding one deep into their personal journey while still holding a strong group is exeptional. I haven't felt as safe and connected with a group in any other circles so far." - Sarah

Register below to get the recording straight in your inbox and gain more clarity and momentum in your book writing journey!

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